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  • Collecting feedback

    Collecting feedback

    Conflux integrates with popular channels to make it easy to collect feedback you're already receiving.

  • Communicate with your users

    Communicate with your users

    To complete the cycle and get more feedback, Conflux allows you to mass update your Users, and even allows you to engage in one-on-one conversations.

  • Organise Feedback

    Organise Feedback

    Utilising the latest tech, Conflux has the features to easily organise all the feedback you're receiving. Create custom views to easily find what's important.

Designed to fit your workflow

A better feedback management platform means not rebuilding your current workflow.
Since Conflux stores all your users feedback, you have the choice to distribute it over many services.

  • gmail
  • zapier
  • slack
  • intercom
  • chrome
  • jira
  • steam
  • zendesk
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What our customers are saying

Customer feedback was more of an unstructured list, not well maintained and only loosely coupled to the actual conversation that lead to the feedback. Now we have a structured process in place that allows us to quantify requests, and we store it together with the actual conversation that provides all the context we need to eliminate any doubts.
Tim Vandecasteele
Tim Vandecasteele
Co-Founder @ Silverfin
Before Conflux we managed feature requests with a giant spreadsheet which provided zero visibility across our team and users. Now we manage dozens of requests per week via Conflux and save hours of messing around with manual work. Our users get visibility and our product team can see whats important, impacting our roadmap.
Murat Mutlu
Murat Mutlu
Co-Founder @ Marvel App
We had been planning for a long time to create a public roadmap for the Froala Editor. Conbflux allows us to put together a list of features, get it out to our users and discuss it with them directly, which literally took a few hours.
Stefan Neculai
Stefan Neculai
Co-Founder @ Froala